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Estimating Your Social Security Benefits

With growing uncertainty about the future of Social Security funding, the Social Security Administration (SSA) suspended mailings of its annual statements. The move is expected to save the agency $60 million in fiscal 2012. Previously, the SSA had sent all working Americans an annual statement about three months before their birthday. The statement included one’s […]

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Washington Hotline – November – Week 2 – 2011

Supercommittee Discusses Tax Revenues The 12-members of the bipartisan Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction continue to meet daily.  The level of the negotiations is becoming more intense as the November 23 deadline nears. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) offered a significant change in the Republican position this week.  He indicated that the six Republicans on […]

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Sick of Stocks? There Are Alternatives

The stock market volatility of the past decade has caused many investors to question how much of their portfolios should be allocated to equities. If the equity markets are making you nervous, it’s important to understand that there are alternatives. Many investors are turning to alternative investments, which, when used along with stocks, may increase […]

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