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Boomers View Retirement as a Time of Reinvention — and Much Uncertainty

A new study of Americans aged 45 and older found that individuals prefer “reinvention” over traditional retirement, seek peace of mind over wealth accumulation, and view longer life expectancies (i.e., “the longevity bonus”) as a chance to explore new options and/or pursue old dreams.   Completed in January 2013, the study conducted by Merrill Lynch […]

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Understanding the Fees Associated With Your Retirement Plan

There’s a little secret associated with your workplace-sponsored retirement plan. Most participants think their plan is free — that it doesn’t cost them anything to join, contribute, and invest. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true.   While employees typically aren’t charged any out-of-pocket costs to participate in their plans, participants do pay expenses, many of which […]

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Classifying Stocks

If you want to understand the stock market, you should understand the different ways in which people classify and identify stocks.1 Here is a summary of some different stock types.   Stock Sectors   A sector is a group of companies that loosely belong to the same industry and provide the same product or service. […]

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