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For Many, Short-Term Goals Are Top New Year’s Financial Resolution

The annual Fidelity New Year Financial Resolutions Study found that although long-term financial goals are still the top financial priority of Americans, short-term goals gained significant traction among survey respondents this year.   In general, more than half (54%) of Americans said they typically consider making resolutions that affect their finances — up from 35% […]

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Recognizing Online Scams

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting nearly 10 million people each year. This crime occurs when a thief obtains confidential information — including passwords, personal ID numbers, Social Security numbers, or an account number used with a financial institution — and uses it to […]

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Reinvest Fund Distributions for Long-Term Growth

The total return on an investment is made up of two components — price appreciation or depreciation (the gain or loss in market price), and income distributions (the value of dividends or interest payments). Reinvesting your income distributions can be an important and easy way to potentially enhance your investment returns. Depending on their investment […]

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