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Put Savings (and Yourself) First With a Budget

  Key Points Getting Started Less Spending = More Savings Your Monthly Budget Digging Deeper The Goal: More Savings Points to Remember Americans, it seems, are spenders. Although personal savings rates have increased recently, they remain low by historical standards, as many people continue to spend beyond their means. If you’re among those Americans who […]

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Fixed-Income Investing: The ETF Approach

Fixed-income exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are bond index funds that are listed on a stock exchange and trade throughout the day. There are fixed-income ETFs that focus on corporate, government, municipal, international, and global debt, as well as funds that track the broader Barclays Aggregate Bond Index.1 In addition, investors may purchase bond ETFs that focus […]

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Is Active Portfolio Management Right for You?

The heightened volatility that has afflicted the U.S. stock market for the past several months points out the potential benefits of active portfolio management. What distinguishes an active investment style from a passive style — and what benefits may active management provide in a volatile market? Dueling Styles Because active managers may rely on market […]

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