Archive | July, 2016

The Saver’s Credit: Don’t Leave This Tax Break on the Table

You probably know about the benefits of tax-deferred investment accounts. But did you know that there is a special IRS provision that potentially allows you to save money just for being a retirement saver? The so-called “saver’s credit,” formally known as the Retirement Savings Contributions Credit, permits certain low- to middle-income workers to claim a […]

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Analyzing a Company’s Stock

What makes a company a good investment? Investment professionals consider several factors when they’re selecting companies to include in a stock portfolio. Here are some of the criteria they’re likely to use. A Company’s Finances A strong financial position on the part of the issuing company can make a stock attractive to investors. Analysts typically […]

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Transferring Assets to a 529 Plan

By now most Americans who are saving and investing to pay for college costs have probably heard that so-called 529 college savings plans allow tax-free distributions for qualified education expenses, potentially making them even more attractive and effective than in the past, when they were only tax deferred. Add that tax benefit to other benefits […]

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