Avoid the Mid-Life Crisis – Plan For Retirement NOW!


Be Prepared!                                             

Avoid all-too common mid-life crisis!

Most people in their 20s or 30s think they have plenty of time to prepare for their futures. When they turn 55, though, they’ll be surprised at how quickly the years passed while they were busy at work.

If only I had invested earlier, I could tap into my IRA . . . . instead of looking for a new job at my age.

At 25 or 35, life still seems endless. Everything goes our way. A lot of people in the prime of their careers see nothing but prosperous years ahead. Most can’t even imagine standing in an unemployment line to apply for a new job that pays a fraction of what they’d been earning – when they’re almost ready to retire.

“If only I had started to save when I was younger,” too many folks lament. “I’m in my 50s now, and I could be tapping into a nice IRA instead of looking for another job at my age.”

Mid-life crisis means job loss for many                                                                               

The world of work changes over time. Home milk delivery, for example, went out of style in the mid-20th century. Finding a job for a horse-shoe fitter today is like looking for needles in that proverbial haystack. In the 21st century, advancing technologies, new research and state-of-the-art inventions continuously change the way work is done. Yesterday’s job experience and skills quickly become obsolete.

After 30 years in the labor market, a lot of people can no longer keep up with the demands of their occupations, or they are unable to learn new ways of doing a job. Some career fields, like street lamp lighters or bowling alley pinsetters, disappear altogether when no longer needed. Today, robots and electronic systems often replace jobs before workers are old enough to retire, creating a mid-life crisis for some. Planning for such change is the only way to prevent a job loss from becoming a catastrophic event.

Prevent stress by being prepared                                                                                               

There’s one way to make sure that workplace transformation doesn’t destroy you or your family later in life. You can prevent or lessen stress by saving some of your salary now and investing it to grow for you. If your company offers a 401K plan, opt into it. If that’s not available, start your own, government-approved IRA (Independent Retirement Account). Put some pre-tax dollars into either plan to accomplish the same goal. Both accounts are designed for early withdrawal – in case of a crisis. Saving a few dollars before taxes today could make a huge difference in how you face a financial setback tomorrow.

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