Minimalism – New Trend Towards Less Could Mean More Money For You

You may have heard the word “Minimalism” bandied about recently and wondered what it means for you. Maybe, you’re already a minimalist, a little ahead of the crowd. Either way, if you Google “minimalist living,” dozens of definitions, articles, books and videos pop up, proving that minimalism, or living with less, has become a popular trend.

Go to and you’ll find volumes on the subject under various titles, including The Minimalist Way, The Minimalist Home, Minimalism Room by Room, Minimal Millennials and more. You can even purchase minimalist shoes and minimalist wallets from the online merchant. Anything that simplifies your life by reducing physical or mental clutter adds up to minimalism. Its promises for people include:

• Enjoy Life More with Less
• Find Freedom from Clutter
• De-junk Your House or Office
• Reduce Stress with a Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism reaps financial rewards, too

According to Websters dictionary, minimalism is “characterized by extreme sparseness and simplicity.” Synonyms include words like moderation, restraint, understatement, austerity, plainness – even severity. In another era, the word “frugal” would have described this new movement. Ugh! Is “minimalism” starting to sound like a bad word?

Not really! A starker lifestyle can lead to surprising financial benefits in the long run. If you scroll down a little further in the minimalist section of Amazon’s online book store, you’ll see titles like Minimalism and Wealth: Learn to Stack Cash and Not Trash.

Just think of how much you’d have left to invest if you saved money by not buying all the things you really don’t need. Most of us could get along without more than half the items that clutter up our lives. How often do you use your foot massager, for instance, or the deck chairs gathering dust in the basement? With a little minimalism, you could invest the extra cash and enjoy the financial freedom instead.

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