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Our mission is to help you Plan for your goals, Manage your resources and Maximize your financial potential. We work for you and offer comprehensive services to help you make better financial decisions. With Advanced Asset Management, YOU get to choose how you want to work with a financial advisor. Because Ron VanSurksum and Jeff Belmonte are fee-only advisors, most conflicts of interest are removed from the advisory process.

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5 Stock Market Changers to Watch This Week (10/17)

Factory output: Is the recovery for real? Critics complain that the bounce earlier in the year was mostly restocking, stimulus, and breaks like the homebuyer tax credit and Cash for Clunkers auto rebates. Industrial production numbers (Monday 9:15 a.m.) could make or break the “green shoots” recovery crowd. Housing starts: Construction faces some serious headwinds […]

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Creating a Personal Disaster Plan for Your Home, Your Loved Ones and Your Finances

Creating a Personal Disaster Plan for Your Home, Your Loved Ones and Your Finances The idea of a personal disaster plan began circulating in the days after the September 11, 2001 attacks. They got a boost after Hurricane Katrina. Yet even when we experience a fortunate break between natural and man-made crises, it’s still a […]

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