Saving $$$ . . . just for fun!

Know the joy of having a ‘Fun Fund’

YIPEE! You’ve finally saved enough vacation money to spend three weeks in Hawaii – during the snowiest, coldest months in the Midwest! You couldn’t be more excited!

Sounds like just a pipedream for most people, but for those who plan ahead by putting aside a few bucks from each paycheck, nice vacations can be a reality.  If getting away a few weeks each winter isn’t possible or appealing to you, you could save for several long weekends a year. Enjoy a few days in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, or in a cabin Up North.

Reward yourself for good behavior                                         

Saving money may sound old-fashioned compared to using credit cards for everything. However, having  a special savings account is a great way to plan ahead for leisure-time luxuries. Tap into it for world travel, three- or four- day getaways, anniversaries or other events. Accumulating money to cover costs ahead of time alleviates spender’s guilt or rueful after-effects, such as debt, doubt or reveler’s remorse.

You work hard to pay for your housing, food, clothing, cars, college, dental and medical expenses, etc., so why not build a cash reserve just for fun? Of course, financial planners might suggest that you start with emergency savings for unexpected expenses, along with your Fun Fund. You can do both.

Why not save a few $$$ just for fun?

Starting side-by-side Emergency Funds and Fun Funds seems smart. All you need to do is put small monthly amounts of money to work for you in two different investment accounts. Tap into one to cover life’s unexpected expenses and the other for vacations, recreation and entertainment.

Financial planner Ronald Van Surksum, Advanced Asset Management, says he’s willing to open more than one account for you. You can fund each one with as little as $25 or $50 a month to save for special uses. Your money will be invested as it comes in, adding up more and more as each fund grows. With interest, dividends and other investment returns, you could be off on a cruise in just a few years – with enough in your emergency fund to sail away without worry.

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