Social Security Tips – December 2018


The Social Security Q&A for the month:

Question: A client who is 62 and looking to file for benefits.  Her son is 15 and she will file for benefits for him as well. She may work part-time in 2019 and may be close to the earnings limit.  Does her earnings limit affect her son’s benefits if she goes over?

Answer: Yes, if she earns over the limit, Social Security withholds from the total benefits payable to the family.  EXAMPLE: She is entitled to a retirement insurance benefit (RIB) of $378. Her son is entitled to an auxiliary benefit of $226 (50% of her full benefit, not what she’s actually receiving). Based on her estimated earnings, she will have excess earnings of $2,094. These earnings are charged against the total monthly benefit of $604 ($378 plus $226). Therefore, no benefits are payable to the family for January through April (4 x $604 = $2,416).

Once Social Security has her W-2 information, it will get adjusted. If Social Security withheld too much money, they will pay back any underpayment. If Social Security didn’t withhold enough money, they will recover the overpayment from the beneficiaries.



To Do :

Now is a great time to check your social security earnings report !

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