Social Security Tips for July

Spreading the News About ABLE Accounts in the Disability Community

If you know someone who has a disabled adult child, please ensure they know about the ABLE Act. The ABLE Act allows an estimated eight million Americans with disabilities to save money for qualified disability expenses for their short-term needs and long-term future.  Forty-two states and the District of Columbia have ABLE programs. In Michigan, visit for details. State ABLE programs are managing more than $220 million in savings and investment accounts.

These ABLE savings accounts will largely not affect eligibility for Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), Medicaid and other public benefits. ABLE account owners, who are SSI beneficiaries, are no longer stuck in a life of poverty or have to face the $2,000 asset limit and be disqualified from receiving SSI benefits.

Beginning last year, the ABLE National Resource Center (ABLE NRC) established its national ABLE Ambassadors to help millions of ABLE-eligible individuals and families learn that there are ABLE account holders very similar to them. Two are in Michigan! ABLE accounts grew by almost 17 percent in the fourth quarter last year, while assets under management grew by 19 percent for the same period.

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The Q&A for the month:

Question: I have a client that earned $208K in 2017.  He stopped working in Dec 2018which is one of the reasons given to not have to pay IRMAA. Is it correct?  Does it matter that he is not earning at that level now? Please advise on whether he should appeal.

Answer: It sounds like your client may qualify for a life-changing event. (List of Events Here: Your client can request a new determination by completing this form:





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