Start Saving Now for 2021 Winter Vacation

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Hawaii, anyone? Or Florida?                    

Start saving now for 2021 winter vacation               

Snow and cold. Gloom and doom. Toss in a blizzard or two.   

Once the bright lights of the holidays start to fade, winter reality sets in. Whether you live in the Midwest, Northeast or in the Northwest territory, dark days and frigid temperatures go by much faster if you can put some sunshine into your life in January, February or March.

A long weekend in Florida each winter could do the trick. An exotic vacation in Hawaii would be even better; but how can you afford to escape? Saving a little money every month over a year’s time could put you on a plane to paradise next winter.

Use this checklist to save for next year’s vacation                                               

What can you give up now to treat yourself to a nice, warm winter get-away later? How much can you trim from your budget to save to retreat from freezing temperatures? Consider a few of the items below:

If you smoke, quit now.                                                                                                                                                    

On average, cigarettes cost $5.51 per pack with the price in most states between $6 and $8,depending on how much tax various states assess for such vices. The most expensive puffing products average $12.85 a pack in New York. Smoking is a costly habit everywhere, though, often adding up to $4,000 or more a year – the price of a nice vacation.

Cut down on coffee, craft beer and cola consumption.

Most families spend at least $100 per month on caffeinated or bottled beverages, sipping away more than $1,200 from their annual vacation fund.

Do it yourself . . . and pay less for personal upkeep.

Millions are spent by Americans on hair styling, straightening or coloring and haircuts. There are plenty of products on the market to do the job for about a fourth of salon fees. If you can’t imagine yourself without professional help, find a good stylist who charges less. Beauty and barber shop prices range from as low as $12 per service ($120 per year) to over $100 or $1,200 annually. The kids would gladly let you clip away their tresses if they knew you were saving for a trip to Disneyland!

Set and stick to budgets for everyone in the family.

Most of our closets are jam-packed with clothes we rarely wear and cupboards that overflow. Clear out anything you haven’t worn or used in the previous 12 months or so – and resolve to buy no unnecessary, new pieces. Then, make a list of items everyone will absolutely need for each upcoming season. Example: For winter, each of the kids might need new jackets, boots, mittens or skates. You and your spouse are already set for outdoors, but may want to buy sweaters, to reduce heating costs. If you make a list and stick to reasonable expenses for each family member, you could shop sales and sock away some of your savings for a trip to the tropics next winter.


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