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Teach money management before kids go to college       

Give teens financial tools they need Too many teens get their first shot at managing money after they’re out of high school. By that time, they’re already hooked on fads, fashions and fast food. Some college-bound seniors apply for extravagant amounts of financial aid just to cover optional expenses, such as cars, clothes, concerts, electronic […]

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It pays to invest in kids!

Facts & Figures to Help You Build Wealth It pays to invest in kids! Should I open an investment account for my children or grand-children? That’s a question families might ask. “Yes!” advise elders. That’s a no-brainer for grandparents who have already reaped the rewards of investing their money over the years. In the past, […]

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Back to School Bonus: Interest Rates Drop on Federal Student Loans

Families with students heading off to college this fall take note: The interest rates on all newly-issued federal loans have been reduced for the coming academic year — but those reductions are much more pronounced for student borrowers than for their parents.1 For instance, the interest rate on Stafford subsidized and unsubsidized loans for undergraduates […]

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Paying Off Student Loans

Actively managing your debt is an important step, and your student debt may be one of the biggest financial obligations you have. There are many strategies that could help you manage student loans efficiently. Here is a checklist. Choose a federal loan repayment plan that fits your circumstances: The Standard Repayment Plan requires a fixed […]

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Consider Prepaid Tuition Plans for College Savings

If you’re currently investing for your children’s college education or are planning to do so in the near future, you may want to consider a state-sponsored prepaid tuition plan. Generally speaking, these plans, which are now available in many states, allow you to pay tomorrow’s tuition bills at today’s tuition rates. In addition, they allow […]

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