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5 Stock Market Changers to Watch This Week (10/17)

Factory output: Is the recovery for real? Critics complain that the bounce earlier in the year was mostly restocking, stimulus, and breaks like the homebuyer tax credit and Cash for Clunkers auto rebates. Industrial production numbers (Monday 9:15 a.m.) could make or break the “green shoots” recovery crowd. Housing starts: Construction faces some serious headwinds […]

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Five Stock Market Changers for the Week

Spending, incomes: Two important measures of the “pocketbook” economy come out this week. Personal incomes and personal consumption spending are due Monday (8:30 a.m.) and the non-farm payrolls (aka, “unemployment”) report on Friday (8:30 a.m.). Unlike the recent GDP revision, these figures more closely relate to the economy right now, that is, how much Americans […]

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