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Are IRAs the same as 401(k) plans?

  Are IRAs the same as 401(k) plans? Often mistaken for one another, IRA and 401(k) plans are similar – but   not exactly the same. Besides being eligible for IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), working people can save some of their pay – and some tax dollars – through company-sponsored 401(k) plans. Both types of tax-deferred savings […]

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The Year of the Pig

  Facts & Figures to Help You Build Wealth   2019: The Year of the Pig        Should you put more money               into IRA accounts this year?   In 2019 . . . February’s two-week Chinese New Year celebration ushers in the Year of the Pig. According to Asian culture, anyone born under the sign […]

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Ten Tips for Sensible Investing

                       To make the most of your investment                         dollars, consider these 10 tactics:   #1. Start setting aside a portion of each paycheck. No matter how young or how old you are, the time to start investing for your future is NOW.   #2. Park your savings in an interest-earning account until you’re ready […]

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