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Written by Sue Maciak for context.

When I was in college, almost everyone smoked. I followed the crowd until a wise professor worked out the math on the blackboard one day during class.

“If you quit smoking today,” he told us students, “you could take a nice vacation someplace on earth every year for the rest of your life.” I love seeing the world, so I did!

That’s how I paid my travel expenses to places as far away as Australia and New Zealand, as well as to Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark . . . and three-fourths of the states. This coming summer I’ll be boarding a cruise ship to visit Iceland, Ireland and England.

In 2021, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Michigan is $6.44, including taxes. If I still smoked a pack a day, that would add up to about $2,262.60. That’s just about the price of my 10-day adventure in the Atlantic.

That professor knew his stuff! He probably taught us the most important lesson we learned in college.

What bad holiday habits can you drop to spend less, save more?       Start creating wealth for your family this holiday season by cutting expenses on things you really don’t need. No matter how little salary is earned, anyone can add to their nest-egg by dropping some or all of these bad seasonal habits:

l Putting everything on credit cards. For most folks, paying later usually ends up with added interest.

l Overspending. Don’t let bright lights and shiny decorations make you think your friends and family need more gifts, glitter and glitz to celebrate in style.

l Overeating. Colorful cookies and pounds of chocolate only add to your waistline, not your holiday happiness and cheer.

l Making high-priced New Year’s Eve plans, like costly champagne dinners. After your big night out, you may wake up in 2022 with a headache, regretting earnestly that you ate and drank way too much.

Moral of story: Before being sucked into spending every cent you have on those old “feel good” habits, make this year’s holidays a turning point for you. Contact Ron Van Surksum, certified financial planner,  at Advanced Asset Management LLC, Grandville (MI) or (616) 531-5220.

Replace today’s bad spending habits with a solid financial plan for saving for a better life tomorrow. 

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