Set and Keep Your Financial Goals

Written goals are the roadmap toward financial success.

The Best Way to Set Aside Funds for College Costs

Discover if a 529 Plan is the best route for paying for your child’s education.

Does a Roth Conversion Make Sense for You?

A Roth conversion should be well-timed to derive the biggest benefit.

Social Security and Retirement Planning Working Together

Social Security isn’t meant to be your only source of income in retirement – that’s why you need retirement planning.

Be sure that Tax Planning is in your Retirement Planning

Retirees need to be aware of how taxes can impact their retirement savings  – and how to plan ahead.

Diversification can Protect Your Portfolio

What’s diversification? It’s a strategy that can help reduce your investment risk.

About AAM Financial Planning and Investments

Learn about the difference an experienced Wealth Advisor from AAM Financial Planning and Investments can make with customized wealth strategies.

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401(k) Calculator

Determine how your retirement account compares to what you may need in retirement.

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