Social Security Tips – May 2019



social security tips

Have you ever looked at our Calculators page?

It’s a one-stop shop for helping with questions.


·        Unsure of full retirement age? Use the Retirement Age Calculator.

·        Unsure if earnings will allow any payments at all? Use the Earnings Test Calculator.

·        Your client have a non-covered pension? The only way to get an accurate retirement estimate is by using the WEP Calculator.

·        Want to know the benefit %  based on when your client is thinking of filing? That’s the Early or Late Retirement Calculator.

·        Need the most accurate Social Security retirement estimate? The Retirement Estimator is your tool.


The Q&A for the month:

Question: I have a single client that will be 65 in November and is still working, DOB 11/7/54.  She would like to retire at 65, but when she visited the SS office yesterday she was told that because of her earnings through 2019 that she will not be able to begin her SS benefit until January 2020 as the earnings test would apply to her.  I thought that there is a special rule for the first year that someone retires that would allow a person to collect a full SS check for any whole month that one is retired?  Could you please help clarify?

Answer: There is a special earnings limit rule the first year that you file. If she retires in October, and wants Social Security to begin in November, then we don’t care about how much she has made from January through October but in November and December, she has to make less than $1,470 each month. Check out our Getting Benefits While Working web page for all the details.















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