Meet Gabriel


Gabriel is a Wealth Advisor at AAM and has several responsibilities, but he primarily focuses on investment research and market analysis. With more than a decade of experience providing market analysis and research to individuals in academia, Gabriel brings a well-rounded understanding of psychology and finance to his work. He also leads internal processes to ensure compliance with SEC regulations, local laws, and corporate policies at AAM.

Before joining AAM, Gabriel founded Nautilus Financial and is a graduate of Ferris State University and the University of Phoenix. He has completed the Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional (ABFP) program and obtained the designation, demonstrating his knowledge in the intersection of behavioral psychology and finance.

When he’s not working, Gabriel enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and off-roading. He also loves reading books on behavioral science and investment philosophy and can frequently be found golfing with friends and clients. Gabriel has a competitive spirit and enjoys coaching others and striving for excellence in all his endeavors.


Best piece of financial advice received:

Portfolios should be scrutinized by their ability to keep a person invested long-term versus the historical or expected return.

Favorite quote:

“But in a cause-and-effect world, if we know the causes, we can predict the effects. So “what is chance for the ignorant is not chance for the scientist. Chance is only the measure of our ignorance.” ― Peter L. Bernstein

Favorite book:

Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk, Peter L. Bernstein

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